Betway is a famous bookmaker and online casino in India. The company has many clients and its number is becoming bigger every day. People like that Betway India is a trustworthy organization with a license. It’s possible to bet via the official website or mobile app. Gamblers can play and get real money. Moreover, Betway offers many bonuses that make betting more interesting.

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About Betway

About Betway

The bookmaker and online casino Betway in India is a company that offers many features for bettors and gamblers. They can find here everything they need for earning money and getting pleasure during the process. 

Clients can connect with customer support 24/7. Specialists will answer asap and will tell you how to resolve the current problem. It is possible to call them or to write down to email. The special form on the site is available if a gambler uses the desktop version of Betway online.

The company advantages are the following:

  • over 400 games in the Betway casino;
  • all online slots were supplied by famous and trustworthy manufacturers;
  • several ways to tie with support 24/7;
  • the mobile app is available for iOS and Android;
  • great experience of the company;
  • high scores for the Betway betting;
  • many ways to deposit and withdraw money;
  • a user-friendly interface;
  • feature to play in dollars or in rupees.

Betway uses SSL to protect clients’ personal information. 128-bit SSL certification is provided by Rapid SSL. It is a reliable international organization that gives certificates directly and increases the security rate from time to time.

First Deposit and Bonuses for Betway

First Deposit and Bonuses

Betway offers bonuses, promo codes, and promo actions for newcomers and active gamblers. Just use your PC or gadget on iOS/Android to create an account and log in to get bonuses. Bettors should win bonuses back in compliance with the rules of the company. You should read the conditions of the current promo action to know how to win money back. In any case, you can get some gifts, including:

  1. Greeting bonus for every newcomer as free bets that can be used at the online casino or for sports events.
  2. Promo codes. It can be found on different platforms online. Some active users can get a personal code from the administration of the company.
  3. Increasing the first deposit. Gamblers can get up to 2,500 rupees in addition.
  4. Cashback. The bookmaker offers weekly cashback from the part of the money you’ve lost.
  5. Special offers for active users. Everything depends on the administration of Betway.
  6. Promo actions.

Note. You couldn’t withdraw the bonus immediately, it should be won back. Bettors should read the rules for withdrawal to get profit. It’s impossible to get money before winning it back because the system won’t let you demand them. The rules of winning back depend on the current promo action. In some cases, you can use any sports events and online slots but sometimes it is necessary to bet for esports, football, cricket, or some slots only.

Types of Bets and Online Bets in Betway

Types of Bets and Online Bets

There are different ways how to play Betway online.

  1. Players should predict the winner of the current match to win money.
  2. Users should choose several matches and predict the winner. There is no right to a mistake.
  3. The system works like express betting but players have the right to a mistake. The more mistakes they can do, the less risk and scores.
  4. Live bets mean that users can bet during the match.
  5. Long-term bets, when gamblers should predict the winner of a championship before the tournament will start.

Betway sports list is huge and it increases by new challenges. There are even secondary tournaments that are out of the offer list of competitors.

Betway Games & Features

Betway Games & Features

The list of games is huge on the Betway. All of them can be divided into some categories.

SlotsTable GamesCard GamesLotteriesTraditional sportsEsports
and so on.
-Roulette (American, European, French);
-Dice Game.
-Poker (Omaha, Hold’Em);
and so on.
and so on.

Gamblers can make several bets. When the game (match) is over, they get money automatically if they win. Users can bet both: real money and bonuses. Just look at the type of bonus because some of them can’t be used for some games.

Betway Betting

Betway Betting

Start with Betway login India to get access to the account. Here you can deposit/withdraw money, change the personal data, read the history of betting and make new bets. It’s necessary to write down the nuances of betting in detail.

How To Bet On Sports At Betway

The main goal of using the platform is betting and earning money. There is an algorithm for Betway betting in India in 2021:


Write down your login and password to Betway India login and get access to the personal account.


Check the money and make a deposit if necessary. The company offers many ways to make financial transactions.


Choose the sport and tournament for betting or the gambling game in the online casino.


If you use the bookmaker platform, you should choose the type of betting.


Think about the bet amount and write down the number.


Wait for the result.

The money would be credited automatically in compliance with the score in case of a favorable outcome.

Betting Markets And Odds Quality

Betting Markets And Odds Quality

Betway online betting markets have rather high scores but users should know what offers are available and what is the difference among them.

  1. Double chances. The results can be the following: team A will win/lose or it will be a draw. This bet will let you choose even between the 2 variants but scores would be less.
  2. Correct score. It’s necessary to predict the result to earn money.
  3. Half-time/full-time is like the previous bet but a bettor should predict the score in two points of the current game. Odds are smaller than in the previous variant but scores are higher.
  4. The score for both teams. It’s necessary to predict whether both teams could get some points during the match.
  5. Winning margin. In this case, you need to guess the difference in points scored by the teams for the game. For example, you should predict the difference in goals scored.
  6. A goal-line means the total amount of goals for the match.
  7. Bet for the winner. The current score doesn’t affect the payouts.
  8. Handicap bet when a team has several virtual points at the beginning of the match and attempts to level the playing field in terms of the two competing teams.

There are also special bets on the market, that are available in the current sports only. You can read more information about them on the Betway website online. As for scores, it depends on several factors:

  • the winning odds of the parties;
  • the current form;
  • statistics of previous meetings of teams or players;
  • results in the current season;
  • injuries, warnings, motivation of each player.

Betway has many specialists who track information about upcoming matches to offer high scores.

Mobile App Betting

Mobile App Betting

All mobile gadgets have iOS or Android operating systems and all of them support applications. They can be used anywhere to place a bet. The soft is free and it can be taken from AppStore. These are advantages of mobile betting:

  • odds update every second and they are like on the website;
  • high-security rate;
  • support works 24/4;
  • demands of the soft are low and the mobile app can work stably at any gadget;
  • possible to bet with a couple of touches only;
  • a user-friendly interface;
  • possibly to watch broadcasts online.

You should be online for betting. Features of the soft double features of the desktop website.

Betting Types

Betting Types

Gamblers will see many types of betting on the homepage of Betway. The list of games is on the left side. There you will find betting on:

  • cricket;
  • football;
  • horse racing and other sports.

E-sport is also available here.

Betway Live Betting

Betway Live Betting

This type of betting is very popular in 2021. Bettors can earn money during the match. In this case, they should predict the result of the current action. For example, whether the player could finish the attack.

Betway offers many live bets and the most interesting matches broadcasts. So, people can watch the game online via their gadgets to understand the odds of winning. Not all matches are available as a broadcast, others are shown schematically.

Betway Online Casino

Betway Online Casino

Some people feel bored with Betway sports and they want to see more. So, they can use an online casino as an alternative. It is available via PC and mobile gadgets. Players can download the mobile app or use the mobile website.

There are many online slots and other games. It’s better to read the rules to know how to play to increase odds. Gamblers can win the Jackpot too. Every bet can make a person a millionaire. So, try your luck and find the most interesting gambling game for you.

Note. Online casino is available since 21 years old only.

Betway Poker

Betway Poker

Users like to play poker online. According to Betway review, there are several types of the game and tables are divided in compliance with the minimum bet amount. The odds to win are very high and it explains the high popularity of the game. Moreover, the gambling session is interesting and people get pleasure from the process.

Note. Betway offers poker tournaments sometimes, where gamblers play against each other. The casino gets some money from every bet and does not interfere in the process. The result depends on luck and the ability to bluff.

Betway Esports

Betway Esports

Many people do like esports and its popularity increases every year. New national and international tournaments are established every year and the money prize amount can be even several millions of dollars.

Betway like other bookmakers offers to bet on esports online. Advantages of the offers are the following:

  • high scores;
  • many tournaments;
  • there are no contractual games at all.

So, if you like PC games and you are skillful enough, you can take part in the challenges. However, if you are not ready to fight for the main prize, you can bet for any team or player while using the Betway betting app or the official website.

How to Sign Up at Betway

Some players ask how to Betway login my account and it is necessary to take some actions:


Use your smartphone to download the mobile app or enter the official website via PC/smartphone.


Press the button to log in.


Write down the login and password.


Enter the account.

Note. Your password should be difficult enough to protect the account. Moreover, it is better to log out after every gambling session.

How to Register into Betway

The process of registration is standard and you can pass it via the mobile phone or PC. Just people over 18 can create an account and they should do the following:


Enter the website or use the mobile app and press the button to create an account.


Write down your personal data.


Choose a username and password, then enter your email address.


Write the residential address. Select the greeting bonus. It depends on the focus of your betting: bookmaker or online casino.


Check the data and confirm it. Activate the account via email or phone number.

Note. Gamblers can also use social nets to sync up with them. It will let you fill some pools automatically.

How to Deposit Money on Betway

How to Deposit Money

Betway has many financial partners and the list of it is always increases. The companies are ready to make a transaction fast and legally. These are the ways of depositing.

Way of depositingMinimum amount (rupees)Time
UPI100About 1 hour
PayTM100About 1 hour
Neteller100About 1 hour
Skrill100About 1 hour
Bank card100About 5 days
Mobile operators10

You should choose the way of depositing, write the amount of your deposit and confirm the action. If you don’t have money for a long time, you should connect with customer support. Specialists will study the transaction in detail and could tell you what to do to finish it.

How to Withdraw at Betway

The process of withdrawing means that you should do the following:


Log in to the system.


Press to your finance.


Choose the way to get money.


Write down the amount. Bonuses are impossible to get before they would win back.


Confirm the action.

Note. If you withdraw money the first time the process can be longer. Moreover, if you didn’t pass personal verification, you should do it. In this case, you will scan/photo your passport to prove support that you are who you say you are.

How to Download And Install the Betway Application

How to Download And Install the Betway Application

People can use the mobile app to bet online at any place. The soft is free and it is easy to use. Moreover, you’ll get mobile notifications about the results of your betting and new promo actions. So, you won’t skip your opportunity to get maximum from the company. It is necessary to know how to download the mobile soft.


There are many players who use Android gadgets and they can get the mobile app of Betway free. Just do it the following way:

  1. Enter the App Store.
  2. Find the official application of Betway.
  3. Download the APK file.
  4. Wait for the installation.
  5. Launch the app and log in or create an account.

It takes you less than 5 minutes and you could play online anywhere. The bookmaker offers updates and it is better to confirm them to make the soft stable and safe.


Gadgets from Apple are rather popular in India, hence Betway decided to create the application for iOS too to satisfy all clients. You can download it for free if your gadget has iOS 7.0 or higher. You should do it to download the program and start betting:

  1. Download apk file while using AppStore. It is free.
  2. Wait for the downloading and installation.
  3. Launch the soft and make the necessary options.
  4. Start betting.

Review of Bets in Betway

Review of Bets

Players can find many reviews about Betway online and it is better to read comments on moderated platforms. After summing up a large number of reviews, you can get objective information about the company.

Bonus policy8/10
Betting Variety9/10
Mobile app convenience9/10
Payment options10/10
Betting experience8/10

According to the table, Betway is a trustworthy company that can offer many gambling games and sports events for betting.



Specialists are ready to help users 24/7. They can answer asap and there are several ways to connect with them:

  • email;
  • phone;
  • the special form.

Note. You can use the special form to tie with support while using the desktop website.

Users can connect with support at any time whether they have a financial problem or some questions about the rules of the current game. You should write in English only. If it is possible to make a screenshot of a mistake, it would be perfect because specialists could find a decision faster.

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Review of the Mobile App Betway on the sports betting site in India –


Is there any difference between desktop and mobile Betway?

There are no differences in terms of capabilities but the mobile version of the website is adopted to smartphones and other mobile gadgets. As for the mobile app, it is focused on gadgets only.

Is it necessary to download a special app to play in the online casino?

No, there is no need to do that because bookmakers and online casinos are at the same program.

Is PayPal available to deposit/withdraw money?

Yes, PayPal is a partner of Betway and you can use it to make financial transactions.

What is Betway Plus?

That is the official name of the loyalty program.

Can I use the bank cards of a foreign bank to withdraw money?

According to Indian law, you can’t do it if you use the Indian domain for betting.